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Become a sun farmer you too and reduce your electricity costs!

Nexton helps private person and firms to install solar cells, so you can save /earn money on solar energy. We at Nexton want everyone to be able to produce their own electricity with solar cells, so we have pushed the prices of solar cells of high quality.

We help you with planning and to final installation

After receiving information from your house, or the place that you have intention to install the plant, you get a quote for the cost of solar solution from us. We can also arrange installation of the facility. Our prices can be compared to large companies and we can always provide a price guarantee.

Now we can help you get solar cells!

We at Nexton continue our investment even in Denmark and Norway. Do you have a house or place suitable in these countries, but do not want to fund solar cells or are you doubtful? In that case, let us rent the place from you. Then you can buy your electricity from the plant at the same kW price as you buy your electricity from your electricity supplier. You pay nothing extra. The only difference is that you use climate smart electricity. First, you can also take over and buy the plant from us at the current price or you can terminate the contract and we will remove our plant.

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